A nice suit can really enhance the overall charm and smartness of your personality, isn’t it? Most men prefer to wear suit at different occasion where they want to display a perfect look. Although, they could not believe that to look good it is not all about buying the most expensive brands, but it should be chosen or tailored as per their body type. This is where bespoke tailor Hong Kong comes handy.

Not all suit are good for everyone or indeed every “body”. The tailor tips and tricks can make you appear tall, short, skinny or stacked on your body. So, let’s find out how different body type requires different suit type.

Man with short height

You may not do anything with your height as it is God’s gift, however, you can drape your suit to create the appearance of looking taller in suit. It can be achieved by creating the illusion of one long line from head to toe. A neat, tapered trouser which is worn slightly higher on the hip certainly adds few inches to the legs. Balance this with more contemporary length of the jacket. If you wear a deep V shape suit created by a two-button jacket affirms that your upper body is not too compact.

Man with long height

The man with a great height want to look not so tall that it disturb the demeanor of the suit. No issue, the solution is just the opposite of what a short height man description says.

Generally, the aim is to break the fact of vast space between your face and toe, right? To begin with, first talk about your trousers. It should break cleanly on your shoes. Remember, even a small hint of mankle may give an appearance that your suit has shrunk. your sleeve will not be too short to expose your long hands. As far as your jacket is concerned, it should also be on the longer side to cut or hide your leg line.

Skinny man

The skinny man always wants to look stack and healthy. Their issue is very much similar like a tall guy. You need not to prefer overly tapered or skinny fit. The purpose of making a custom tailored suit Hong Kong should be to give a look of flatter and disguise any quirks or figuration, especially not accentuate them. The ultimate goal of your suit should be to add bulk and weight to your barbell like physique. You can consider a busy pattern, pleated trousers with cuffs and can also try heavier fabrics like tweed and wool as it has a pile up illusion from a spectator’s perspective.