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What is Kingsley Tailors’ Affiliate Program all about?
Ans. Simply consider that you opt to promote some of our products and services hence being a just affiliate or an authorized agent, you can do so with ease and as per dealership agreement, you can make a good virtue out of it. In other words, simply think you run a website that offers more or less the similar services as Kingsley Tailors does and hence you can easily mingle (and thus promote) our products and services as well and if a customer opts for our stuff through your website, you will earn great rewards in return. Likewise, you can also select some of our products for the online promotion through your website.

How can you get aligned in such a lucrative tide?
Ans. We welcome all those who are willing to be a part of us. Just implement these steps:

  • Get yourself registered with us by clicking on the Register Now button on our website and then fill up the form and we will consider your request at the short note.
  • Once your request is finalized, you will need to specify the items, banners and other material that you would be integrating with your portal. You can also specify the products which would be the part of your advertising banners during your online campaigns.
  • Such graphics as the product images and the banners can be arranged digitally with your website or your blog’s url and you will amazed at the swift flowing in of commissions with higher value.
  • However, if you are still in dark about some concepts and features of our affiliate program, just give us a call and our staff will clarify your doubts with ease. Just email your queries to

In a nutshell, the Kingsley Tailors’ affiliate program will take the following form:

  • An affiliate would put up our ads on their websites or blogs,
  • If the ads are clicked by some visitor or customer
  • The visitor would accomplish a deal on Kingsley Tailors website,
  • Our affiliate would earn huge commissions against every such deals…
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