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Most Versatile Suit Types of the World

Exclusively Stitched Suits and precisely developed Tailored Tuxedos have been the widely hailed dresses for men since such contribute largely to the overall personality of businessmen at their very height. Such can also be showcased by the fact that nicely Stitched Suits are also being exemplified by the leading businessmen such as Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page. Hence, going for a suit is all about how it is treated and manipulated by the end personality for the optimum leverage during the business conferences and crucial corporate events.

Albeit the high quality fashion and innate bespoke beauty is largely associated with ladies but men could also secure their share of sterling bespoke fashion by going in for the proficiently designed and precisely developed suits which are being implemented with high quality fabrics. However, it is widely seen that most folks get blanched at the price tags of $1000 while seeking a nice suit but as per eminent fashion designers and with every Top 10 Tailors in Hong Kong as well as around the world, they claim that such an amount (i.e. $1000) is a mere smaller amount in the light of finest quality Hand-Made Custom Suits or hand- Tailored Suits which are being designed and developed with sterling fabrics with great thread count and with supreme professional precision.

However, most of such suits tilt in the high profile and high social class category owing to their higher price tags while at the location of Hong Kong, almost every Famous Bespoke Tailor of repute designs and develop precisely made-to-measure supreme quality suits as per special orders. Some of the top quality suits in such high end Bespoke category and which can be secured while one visits any (Top Tailors in Hong Kong), have been mentioned below:

1). Ermenegildo Zegna Bespoke – $22,000,

2). World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits – $28,000,

3). Brioni Vanquish II – $43,000,

4). Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke – $47,500,

5). Kiton K-50 – $60,000,

6). William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke – $75,000,

7). Zoot Suit – $78,000,

8). Dormeuil Vanquish II – $95,319,

9). Alexander Amosu Vanquish II Bespoke – $101,860

10).Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition – $892,500