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At Kingsley Tailors, we are always excited to serve you world class bespoke suits. Our Made To Order service is the process towards achieving an ideal suit for you which is full of real craftsmanship, professional advice and precise attention towards every detail, fabric and style. Let us see how the process work.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Like the first impression, first consultation is always very significant in securing the suits of your own desire. At our first meeting, we discuss profoundly everything, such as fabric, pattern style, material, the purpose or the occasion, etc. Your taste, ideas and how you want your suit to be, all such things are crucial to prepare an aesthetic and an overwhelming suit for you.

Step 2: The first fitting

The first fitting is just like a first hand experience of the product before it is prepared. It truly provides you a precise idea about how the suit will look like and fit you, before it is actually prepared. It is quite effective and give you the confidence that the product will be stitched exactly the way you wish to be. You can also customize the measurement if you are not comfortable and ask for change accordingly.

Step 3: The Details

You can select from our wide range of styles for Jacket, Pants, shirts etc.

Jacket Styles

Vest Styles

Vest Styles

Step 4: The Second Fitting

Once you have placed the order, it is completely prepared in the span of 4-5 weeks and delivered to our showroom. Soon after that, we arrange an appointment with you to have the second fitting. You try on the garment and see if it fits well to you. In case, any further alteration is required, you can ask for it without any hesitation. It takes one more week to do the alteration you have recommended. Once all is done, we invite you for the final fitting. We make sure everything is accomplished as per your expectation.

Step 5: Wear it & flaunt it

It is a luxury to have the best fit garment, prepared just in a way you yearn to be. When you get it, flaunt the way you love the most. We make it all for you only!

Our price for Made to order is as follows:

Kingsley Tailors Made To Order is priced as follows:
- 1x Made To Order Suit - $699
- 2x Made To Order Suits - $1200
- 1x Made To Order Pant - $249
- 1x Made To Order Vest - $249
- 1x Made To Order Shirt - $169
- 1x Made To Order Jacket - $450
For more information, please contact us at :, or visit us at our store in The Galeries.