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Popular Custom Tailors in Hong Kong

Managing Director

Scott U.F

If you have been looking for a unique way to reveal your personality, there are present proficient needle-thread craftsmen who are the real custom tailors in Hong Kong. The shirts and suits made for our clients is the backbone of their personality. Hong kong custom tailors design and develop suits and shirts, which are perfectly tailor-made suits to target specific bodies and thus, such can help you stand out from the rest. Also, you should know that these clothes are custom made to fit you, so you do not have to worry about being too tight in some areas and loose in others. Therefore, in the present context, Kingsley Tailors has emerged as the exclusive Hong Kong custom tailor which assists discerning men in completing their personality. the ideal place for men to look their best form.

Here, however, you must understand the importance of the selection of clothes based on men and measurement supplier with the greatest care. These days, there are several clothing customization tailors according to the taste and style of its customers and intends to meet the various demands of everyone. We are one of the top tailors who always dominates to design clothing that fits with your body and creating more individual attractive appearance.

If you want to express your individuality and redeem personal style, then it becomes imperative to find the right measure that ensures perfection and great attires can thereby be developed. For this you can take help of online platforms to scroll through available options. In the present digital age, we have been the first one to best utilize the internet technology for providing the customer with the exclusive online tailored suits. Our portal has become the virtual market place whereby custom bespoke shirts can be procured online.

Our mission is to cater to bespoke solution that you've always dreamed for and it is necessary to build your confidence. We are the famous tailors in Hong Kong and we function round the clock and take care of every inch while sewing. We design and develop suits for office hours, party wear, for important business meetings, close family celebrations, for gala dinners, dating, weddings, and so forth. Our acclaimed tailors stitch precise tailored made suits in Hong Kong which are designed to meet your style and measurements requirements. You can designate your choice we can exercise it at no additional billing. Choose your style, fabric, color and send us your measurements. Our tailors have evolved as the virtual wardrobe consultants who can be consulted while making final selection. Lastly, we can guarantee the best price, value and supreme customer service, which our clients would always find to be unmatched.


Hi, this is Iliana De Souza, to cut the long story short and simple, Kingsley Custom Tailor Hong Kong is one of the finest tailors in bespoke tailoring field. I have had my personal and long experience with them. They prepare simply impeccable custom tailored suit and other tailor made garment. Perfection is almost guaranteed to them

Iliana De Souza

Alan here, I would like to pay my hearty thanks for the hand work Tailor made suit which has a splendid appearance and elegance. It looks wonderful and even better than what I have expected. This is really a good job. From a customer point of view, I am truly satisfied with the Kingsley Bespoke Tailors.


Hi, this is Ben, I have no idea about custom made or made to measure tailoring. Just tried it out for the first time on my friend’s recommendation. Well, the result of my bespoke suit is quite pleasant and worth sharing. I could ask for better. Little nervous and hesitation earlier, but now I realized why people prefer bespoke tailored suits.



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