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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, with certain elegance, we have aligned tailors who are pretty skilful in such cutting and sewing tactics for the past decades and who would design and develop your dream suits in a jiff. Besides, you can also consult them for the selection of some style or the other, depending upon your preferences and end objectives.
Quality and professional dedication have always been the centre of our profession and this is the main reason as to why our expertise is widely preferred around the world. Sans doubt, in every occupation, such tenets are the guiding principles to success and the eventual zenith of the field.
For this, you can refer to the gifts certificates and offer promotions section.
Definitely, our tailoring team has perfect blend of professional commitment and the unmatched prowess and can certainly meet your design and development requirements within the stipulated time-frame. In simpler words, we can stitch dresses in as short as 24 hours. The same notion applies to the alteration services as well, hence if you find your most selective dress to be out of size while the important business gathering is approaching fast, then our immensely trained needle-thread craftsmen can re-size your dresses to suit your sizes.
Certainly, the precise digital framework is must for pulling out a towering success in today’s highly digitized world and to make a wider reach to global audience. Therefore, keeping such apparently high-tech feature in mind, Kingsley Tailors has invested heavily in the procuring the most advanced digital framework (i.e. SSL platform server with multi-tier data security and hassle-free data integrity )by the virtue of which placing order, sending requests, emailing sizes and measurements and making online transactions will always be a cakewalk.
There is a little difference, for a bespoke tailoring service is largely considered to be an original clothing experience. A bespoke suit is designed and developed on the basis of your specific size and measurements and by aligning all the body features and even your way of walking and sitting. While on the other hand, a made-to-order suit is previously designed dress sketches which are then finally developed to make suits as per your size and preferences. In other words, there are drafted scores of sample outlines in raw forms and buyers tried with the most suitable one and the nearest of the suit or shirt sketches are selected and suits and shirts are developed on such bases.
As already answered in the beginning, (Ques 1), our bespoke tailors are the inmost cream of the tailoring field and hence they are pretty proficient in such custom designs and bespoke tailoring activities. Any design, photos of design or the sketches of suits there may be, just email and share them alongside your measurements and we will provide you with the deft product within 2 weeks.
Yes, Kingsley Tailors has developed strategic tie-ups with scores of acclaimed tailors in major cities of the world and who would assist us in such tasks. Else, it would be more prudent if you could ask any of your friend or family member to size you up (draw measurements) and could then send us data and rest our tailors will manage.
For this, please refer to the privacy policy webpage of our website.
We are located in Hong Kong and right in the posh Kowloon area, which is easily accessible by MRTs and local cabs and we can send our van to pick you up from any point in the city. And, Yes, we always gladly welcome the visitors and would appreciate your visits to our studio and to experience the style factory and elegance enhancing skills.
Without any second thought, bespoke suits have tons of benefits over the readymade suits. For instance, perfect fitting is there, finest quality fabric will be ensured, genuineness of such dress material will be ensured heavily, dress items will be a long-lasting investment and after tailor service will be offered in case some acclaimed name in tailoring industry (like Kingsley Tailors) is involved herewith. In a nutshell, bespoke suits are the Hobson’s choice for truly fashion minded and style oriented souls.
Please refer to quest no. 6, as we have described the difference in details.
As mentioned above in the question 5, Kingsley Tailors has invested heavily in the process of obtaining a profoundly integrated and precisely programmed website portal which comes with multi-tier security checks for any possible or deliberate misuse and to thwart any malicious intent. Rest assured, our website has strong backing and numerous security walls to cause safe and secure transactions and covered communications.
Yes, while placing an order for 2 blazers, $25 discount can be rightly availed and for 2 shirts $15 will be relieved for. Likewise, if an order for more than $500 is placed then you would receive free shipping.
Ans. FREE OF COST, after sales service will be provided in a sequence, for as long as our friends cum customers are not satisfied for quality or size.
This query is answered in Quest no.21…
Normally, the full stretch of tailoring cycle, which includes recording measurements, consulting for fabrics, cutting, fitting and final tailoring and the eventual deliver at your doorstep take around 3 weeks of time. Plus-minus for any inevitable circumstances, there may be.
Certainly, since Kingsley Tailors believes in forming long lasting cordial relationships with the discerning minds and hence we welcome you to create a family account with us and submit the sizes, measurements, likes and preferences of every family member and we will do the rest to serve holistic satisfaction at depth.
YES, definitely, measurements by any professional tailor will do, as far as it would be viable and if they suit you. Just send in your measurements and we will design and develop your preferred dresses with the recorded specifications.
As answered above in Quest 10, bespoke (and custom suits) come with heap of benefits such as precise fitting, preferred fabric brand, personal taste, desired features, overall quality dress and your specific style and designs which you seldom find in other readymade suits.
As for cheaper deals, we have already put our earning margins to bare minimum and you can compare our charges with the rest of tailoring houses elsewhere. While for knowing the price of a suit or a shirt, it largely depends upon the selection of fabric, works to be done and features to be added and the nature and volume of service to be rendered thereby.
Certainly, our tailors are pretty skillful in such alteration tasks and we can carry out bona fide alteration services but with a meager service charges.
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