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Difference in 2 Button Suit & 3 Button Suit

While securing a classy suit for wearing enchanting looks, it is also of immense value that one should specifically look for precise cut and proper styling would be aptly aligned to one’s specific structure. In other word, a business suit, (either it is purchased off-the-rack or is made-to-measure) will be useless if proper measurement and appropriate seam is not adhered to. Nevertheless, most of our fashion-centric men ask if they should have a penchant for a two-button or a three-button suit. Hence, according to any popular tailor in Hong Kong, they emphasize upon the specific “proportions” and the “prevailing trends”, when it comes to finalize such a decision. Let us shed some light on each of them in precise details:

1). Proportion:

According to any top tailor in Hong Kong, the person’s height is the most decisive factor while deciding upon if he should go for a 2 button or a 3 button suit. For instance, the star players of basketball usually are seen in a 3 button or even 4 button suits while the ones of football have 2 buttons on their blazers. In other words, three-button suits look versatile on the persons who are at least 6 feet taller or above. It is specially because of the fact that when the top most button of the jacket is fastened, the V-shaped look of the jacket is further cramped and hence short height is perceived for that body structure thereby.
As such, the typical 3 button jacket looks versatile onto the men with towering structures but conversely, the delicately designed 2 button suits look precise onto the men who are both short and tall. It is precisely because of the placement of the buttons onto the jackets and it is advised that the top button should be placed right around your navel and such would give you a properly balanced appearance and torso.

2). Trend:

Just like the thin ties, finely crafted pants with skillful pleats and tassel loafer shoes, the delicately designed 3 button suits are also the pompous trend around the globe. It is held that the 3 button suits will remain impactful in the existing styles for the coming 2 decades as well and are extensively being preferred instead of 2 button suits.

In a nutshell, while you are in the market and trying to secure a nice piece of tailored suit, simply count upon the proportion and the commonly held trends and you will be the triumphant king of your bespoke purchase.

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