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Tailoring School

Considering about upholding the task of style and trend in the near future and for future generations, Kingsley Tailors has disembarked upon idea of sharing the secret tips and tricks of custom bespoke tailoring with the upcoming generations. Hence, the idea of a specific tailoring school has been conceived, whereby our expert bespoke tailors with massive experience spanning decades, will conduct tailoring classes and would reveal real time skill-oriented gems, tips and tricks of cutting-edge bespoke tailoring field. Hence, by being a part of our widespread custom tailoring crew, it will not be any lesser than any soccer team where players remain at different positions but all converge towards a common goal post. However, in our profession too, all the modules of bespoke stitching and development generally move towards the goal of seeking elegant attires with precisely fit features. Likewise, any deviation at any position will affect the whole team effort and in this case too, any compromise with quality, during any stage of production, will have its toll on the final product outcome. Hence, being inundated by such supreme custom tailoring kills, Kingsley Tailors have decided to share the secrets of precise tailoring skills with those having an inclination for it.

Therefore, by keeping the idea of enhancing the scope of high Fashion Custom Suits Tailoring skills in mind, Kingsley Tailors would impart exclusive Custom Made Tailoring professional classes. The duration of such haute corture course will be of 2 years and a wide range of precise lessons about different modules of bespoke tailoring skills will be provided at length. Such a training will include around 3000 hours and 1700 tutorials and theory lessons and the successful trainees will receive a certificate of bespoke tailoring course. Since the beginning of the course, around 23 students have been half way through their workshops and even they have started getting a lot of bespoke projects. The end objective of our effort is to share the secrets of bespoke and custom tailoring skills and to acquaint the youngsters about the latest techniques and tricks that have sprung up in such field. Besides, constant innovation in the fashion industry and trends have also given a resourceful boost to this ever growing sector with potential of global reach.

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