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What We Do?

Men differ in tastes, thoughts, as well as body structure to a great extent and hence the style and trends preferences are also heterogeneous. Therefore, our attire engineers (custom tailors in Hong Kong) study the needs and style preferences, seek measurements and discuss the clothing to be developed and also record other peripheral needs. Eventually, there develop the most comfortable, extremely stylish and highly flamboyant piece of dresses out of the standard Kingley Tailors’ processes and our specific time-honoured refined tailoring methods. Besides, for the sake of ease and consumer convenience, we have revamped this portal in such a manner that those looking for precise blend of style, comfort, design and fabric preferences can rightfully select their choices and instantly order the dress to be stitched and developed thereby. In the same context, as per our experience at Kingsley Tailors, the terms like custom bespoke tailors and “custom made dresses” are widely used around the world and almost every bespoke tailoring house prides itself in being that, but the reality is found to be starkly different. Our tailors receive scores of requests every passing day for getting their dresses altered as they were not found to be fit to a tee and the users are not thus comfortable with that.

Alteration Services:
Have you piled up scores of shirts and suits from some local brand dealer but still struggling for securing proper comfort and style? Our proficient needle-thread craftsmen can set the things right for you, by carrying out the required alteration to your original sizes. Our tailors who are regarded among the top tailors in Hong Kong, can re-adjust the suits in multiple ways, such as broadening shoulders, reducing waist size, increasing lengths or shortening them, changing collars, rectifying the necks, re-designing the sleeves and so on. Just contact our service centre and find out the services galore at Kingsley Tailors.

As a matter of fact, common custom made tailors especially those, who aim at finishing the task in a jiff, apply the similar stitching pattern and common tailoring techniques while handling the bespoke suits requests. But our tailors who are highly skilful and are widely recognized with the craft, seek every minute detail about the final fabric and attire and then dedicate themselves to the task of realization of final outcome. In other words, the term bespoke tailoring itself stands for crafting exclusive garments from raw fabric but strictly as per the choice of clients who have garnered unique sentiments for style and design in their would-be-outfits. Furthermore, bespoke tailoring skills also stand for crafting perfect fit and extremely comfortable attires for the perspective clients.

Maintain Your Closet Page:
We would honour your preferences for seeking exclusive garments for a varied range and for the purpose we have given space to such a page purposefully on our website. You can walk through the website, shop conveniently and order shirts, blazers, pants and other attires with ease from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, our website is a rich repository of fabrics, styles data, colours and other related information about the types of attires and their features. In this way, we can, thus help you in possible way in maintaining a rich and style laden wardrobe with plethora of elegant outfits.

Our Brand Is Our Dedication:
It is widely observed that people frown at the idea of securing custom tailoring services and that too, through an online manner, but they seem to be entirely unaware about the reality. In order to wipe out their suspicion and live up to their expectations we have formulated exclusive idea of bespoke skills and we are highly regarded among the most reasonable Hong Kong custom tailor. Our clients have been immensely satisfied by our competitive prices and bespoke performances in case of shirts and suits. Moreover, ordered clothes are stitched and crafted in Hong Kong only, which is worldwide famous house for renowned needle artisans.

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