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Dream and precisely fit apparels are every conscious soul’s holy grail and it is primarily because of the fact that the apparels should be of finest quality fabric which would speak its own language and also because perfect fit dresses tend to reflect the attention of public and thus can make you a highly reputed and most trustworthy person in society. At Kingsley Tailors, our highly experience needle-thread craftsmen strive to design and develop one such dream suit but on customed specifications and with preferred styles and requirements. But again, in a pursuit to seek highly sophisticated and tailor fit custom suits and shirts, there are series of steps involve in it, such as:

1. Careful Selection Of Fabric:

This is the first and foremost step in such direction and there are available a range of fabrics for such purposes. At Kingsley Tailors’ fabric store, we have made available a wide range of fabrics nearly from every country which own dominating brands of such items. For instance, Italian, English and French fabrics are higher in demand around the world, owing to their sophisticated manufacture, robust fibres, varying designs, higher thread counts, numerous colours and patterns. Moreover, such fabrics are already utilized by some globally prominent fashion houses such as Lanificio.F lli Cerruti. Moreover, the swatches are examined periodically so as to ensure that they are style fabrics. But, invariably, the dress designers at Kingsley Tailors renders useful consultancy during the process of fabric selection and advise that the selection should be based upon customers’ preference and specification and the overall objective of the bespoke suits.

2. Suit Customization:

Once the fabrics are selected, suit customization takes places by taking into account every little detail about the customers’ preference and their unique needs. For instance, style of blazers’ lapel, slit pockets, vents positions are determined either in the middle of sew or at sides. In the same way, pants are discussed as well, and the learned minds of sewing designs at Kingsley Tailors has devised a lot of pocket designs and the placement of pleats. Finally, people often skip the selection of buttons in haste and leave it to the tailors, but the buttons constitute the most significant aspect for a blazer and the careful selection of button and its designs and material (metal, plastic or beads buttons) can make marvels to enhance the overall look of the coats. At Kingsley Tailors, we have a huge repository of thousands of button designs and their material so you can seek advice on the final choice of one which would embellish the blazer to newer heights.

3. Skilful Measurement:

Other than accuracy, our tailors are proficient in recording measurements which would be as per specific preference of customers and they can seek the useful insight about the final design and fabric of coat. Moreover, we do not hire another part for the purpose of sewing and developing the apparel and all your measurements, preferences, choices and requirements are recorded and noted by a single person who is also responsible for the sewing and stitching and thus giving the final shape to the blazer. Till now, our tailors and craftsmen have consulted and developed around 10,000 different outfits which include coats, pants, shirts, jackets, slacks and overcoats among other products.

4. Crafting Patters:

Patterns or the raw sketches of the bespoke apparel are developed by making use of fundamental blocks and every mark of chalk is determined by precise measurement taken beforehand by our widely experienced tailors. Also, such paper patterns thus developed are stored for future references or for the repeated orders but then also, designs and style specifications will be kept in mind.

5. Fitting Through Baste:

There is a supreme thread which is made up of baste cotton and such white thread is used to design the basic parts of the suits which are in the process of design and development. Such a raw design of suit which is made out of baste thread facilitates the tailors whereby they could re-examine the basic specifications in the pattern of dress structure and it will also pave way for carrying out swift alteration further, if such need arises. Thus, such basted garments usually have a blue print of the perceived dress and it does not have proper lapels, buttons are not stitched and even the button holes are not crafted out. At such an occasion, the tailor simply evaluates the quantified specifications of the dress to be for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of measurements and any changes can be made by making use of chalk and notes are created for reference. While at this stage, the style and specifications of the garment can still be modified if the customers shift their focus for some different style and features.

6. Subsequent Fitting:

By the time, this stage is approached, the suit will have been completed its construction cycle, but still, there is always a room for the final structure yet, but if the suit is stitched and developed at some versatile bespoke tailoring house. Hence, there can even be taken place, more than two fittings (after Basted fitting and subsequent fitting) if it is the matter of VVIP or a film star or ahead of the state who is about to attend some international summit. Hence, changes will continue to take effect as long as the consumer is not holistically satisfied with the final bespoke product outcome.

7. Cutting Re-Visits:

There are occasions, when the subsequent fitting (second fitting) stage is re-performed and during such a course, the initial baste thread is referred to again and the garment is revamped by getting re-sized and re-cutting takes place again. Besides, it all depends upon the versatility and qualitative volatility of the wool, with which a tailor can carry out alterations. Consumer requests are considered again and the length, width, style and size quotient are implemented with manual (but skilful) intervention in order to carve out the perfect fit outfits.

8. Button Holes are Crafted:

Button holes are handmade and this is regarded as the greatest feature of customised suits. The button holes are first cut and then thread is placed in a delicate manner. Besides, the buttons are also sewn manually and are placed in such a neat manner that they always fit their holes.

9. Final Outcome:

Kingsley Tailors has always upheld the promise of perfect fit bespoke suits and shirts. To us, the suit is regarded as complete when the customer is profoundly satisfied with it and when he has captivated the senses of admirers. With such in-depth suit guarantee, we promise to carry out the lifetime alteration to make sure that you feel implicit comfort with the suit, for which you have made a price for.
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