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Kingsley Tailors enables business owners to easily create promotional clothing and uniforms for staff.
Having our own production facility enables us to scale quickly to meet high volume demands.

We can offer flexible terms of payment, prices and delivery options - making us a perfect partner regardless of the size of your business.

Airline uniform and sports team dress designers:

Nevertheless, at Kingsley Tailors, we are also proficient in custom designing and developing your professional badges and uniforms, especially in the industries where uniforms are largely accentuated. For instance, a couple of leading airlines of South-Pacific get their attires developed by us and then there are some academic institution in Hong Kong and Singapore, which rely upon our needle-thread expertise for the purpose of crafting such service marks, i.e. aprons.

Hence, we call upon all the organizations who stress upon such delicately designed aprons for the purpose of promoting their group and name, such as professional sports teams, soccer and rugby clubs, or hotel chains who want to dress their employees with their monograms and exclusively designed coats and shirts. Besides, as we are proficient in catering to the brand related needs of airlines, we are adept in designing and developing excellent airlines staff apron and other furniture items such as covers for passengers seats, towels , handkerchiefs, pilot uniforms, captain blazers and so on.

Moreover, if Kingsley Tailors is aligned for a bulk order of $5000 or above, we will grant outstandingly flat 30% discount and will also deliver the items FREE OF COST within the stipulated time frame.

Best related products:

1. Business shirts for men and women
2. long sleeved shirts, 3/4 sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirt
3. Cotton pants
4. vest coat
5. Suits
6. Jackets/Blazers

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