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Reseller Program

Humans form a chain in sequence and together by the virtue of collective efforts, great achievements are made. Hence, at Kingsley Tailors, we have devised scores of option by which skillful custom tailors and the digitally skilled minds around the globe, can easily leverage the best out of such network based business. Simply consider the following:

Do you wish to start your online tailoring portal by which you can accept customer orders from across the world and can thus set out on the way of making easy money online?

Are you in search of some training partner in the field of custom bespoke tailoring who could provide you necessary information and guidelines which would eventually help you in setting up flourishing business in such field?

Do you wish to be associated with some leading brand in the field of custom bespoke tailoring and which would give wings to your ambitions of having a flourishing business, but with a global reach?

Do you aim at establishing a tailoring shop in your city or some online tailoring portal to target your country needs?

Hence, if you want to set up an online tailoring business just like but in your brand name and under your label, we have all the necessary resources to support. For more details, please feel free to contact The following information and details are required in order to process your proposals:

• Company’s business registration in your country.

• Point of service in which you wish to be a part of our Reseller Program.

Start-up Kits for Dealer/Agents/Online-Sellers:

One unit of suiting swatches file, one unit of shirting swatches file, one pair of jeans swatches file. Price: US$100 Price includes shipping cost.

Ranging benefits of venturing into one’s own business:

1). Provides you with a supreme liberty to manage your engagements and plan your efforts at your sweet will and from whom you would earn a fortune.
2). Decide upon your own hours, finalize your own contacts and popularize a personal brand name in the rich areas of your city.
3). Better serve your community but also draw heavy dividends on such services.
4). Secure a handsome commission for every individual tailoring order that you book for Kingsley Tailors.
5). Expand your business horizon by employing agents and make extra- commission for the tasks accomplished by them.
6). Organize your efforts and utilize your skill for your own sake and your own career upliftment and do not lead a subservient life at all.
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